KonMari's Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Tips

KonMari's Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Tips

Marie Kondo, better known as 'KonMari', is now world-famous for her organization and waste-reducing advice. In celebration of the gift giving season, KonMari recently shared her favorite trick for reducing holiday waste: wrapping gifts with elegant furoshiki wrapping cloths!



On her website, KonMari calls furoshiki 'the ultimate example of minimalism in Japanese aesthetics,' and we couldn't agree more! These versatile fabrics often display traditional motifs and celebrate the changing of the seasons in one versatile cloth that will never go out of style. When using a furoshiki to wrap a gift, KonMari recommends that you 'focus on the person for whom the gift is intended, the gift itself and the furoshiki'.

After unwrapping your beautiful gift, your furoshiki can be used over and over for a variety of applications, including transporting your lunch box (of course!), carrying a wine bottle or decorating a table setting! Check out our video below to learn how to wrap a furoshiki three different ways:



Most of our furoshiki cloths are designed and made right here in Kyoto- and with a history that dates back to the Japan's Nara Period (AD 710 to 794), their use is truly at the heart of Japanese minimalism.

And we think replacing single use wraps and bags with a furoshiki cloth just may 'spark joy'.

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