How to Pack a Bento Box

How to Pack a Bento Box

As you probably know, packing a well-balanced bento is more than just tossing leftovers into a box (although sometimes even we do that too 😅). We often get questions from customers asking how they can pack their bento box to make it look as healthy and beautiful as bentos they see on social media and around the internet.

We know that packing a photogenic bento box can seem like daunting task. But don't worry, we're here to help!

Let's take a look at an efficient bento packing example, using our Kokeshi Geiko Bento Box:

Bento Packing Tips:

  1. First and foremost, you can get the most out of your bento lunch by focusing on variety! Instead of loading up one side of your box with only one starch or vegetable, use a divider or cup to add just a few pieces of different foods from various nutrition groups. This tactic helps reduce eating fatigue by making your lunch an adventure through various flavors and adds a ton of visual appeal.
Claudia Lebenskunst Bento Box

Photo by @claudias_lebenskunst on Instagram


2. Prepare ahead of time! As meal preppers around the world can attest, you're much more likely to bring a healthy meal to lunch if you don't need to prepare in the morning when you're in a rush. One great way to help ensure your prep success is to store your various bento foods in the fridge using bento storage cups like our Freep Cups or Cube Stocker. These convenient cups allow you refrigerate pre-organized food and then stick them directly in your bento box before heading out the door!


Freep Cup Bento Prep Tool Bento&co        Cube Stocker Bento Prep Tool Bento&co

3. Pack directionally! We find that working from one side to the other (or in a circle for round bentos) helps prop up food against each other, maximizing the use of vertical space and again adding extra visual appeal. Check out some great examples of this packing technique below:
Angela Ng Bento Box
Photo by @thisisangelang on Instagram
A general rule we follow is - the more colors, the better!
idontlikechocolatebrownies Kokeshi Bento
Photo by @idontlikechocolatebrownies on Instagram
And when packing a sandwich, cut it in half and pack vertically for cross-sectional goodness!
Sandwich Bento&co Bento
Have some bento packing tips of your own? Show us how you prep by tagging your bento photos with #bentoandco on social media!
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