How much food can you fit into a bento box?

How much food can you fit into a bento box?

We get it. Sometimes you're just hungry.

Maybe you just hit the summit of a grueling hike, or maybe you simply survived a string of morning meetings. When it's time to eat, you need a wholesome, filling lunch that won't let you down.

While Japan certain exceeds in creating small things, it's a common misconception that all bento boxes are small. We carry bentos ranging from about 300 ml in capacity to a massive 3 liters (great for sharing)!

To put our bento boxes to the test, we cooked up a hearty 110 g (about 1/4 lb.) adult portion of pasta plus some sides to see if we could fit it all into an 'Large' sized box (spoiler: we could).

What's your big appetite bento lunch go-to? Share with us on social media using the hashtag #bentoandco!

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