Bento&co Featured in NHK's "Core Kyoto" Documentary

Bento&co Featured in NHK's "Core Kyoto" Documentary

We are so honored to be featured in the latest installment of NHK’s Core Kyoto, The Beauty in Boxes: Containers to Hold and Express Sentiments”. This exceptionally done documentary takes a look at the culture of boxes in Kyoto. Boxes you say? Turns out a deep dive into boxes provides fascinating insight into the city’s rich artisanal and culinary heritage! Our segment begins around 12:55. 
Watch on the NHK World website here

In addition to Bento&co, bento lunch chefs, wagashi artisans, a proprietor of a bento box museum are featured, making this a rewarding watch for anyone interested in traditional Japanese culture and history. 

Founder and CEO Thomas Bertrand, originally from France, shares a bit about the difference between portable lunch culture in France and Japan's distinctive bento culture. 

Our team members were a bit nervous to be filmed as we ate our bento lunches, but it was a fun and rare experience for us. We are grateful to be included in this beautifully made documentary about something we are passionate about--wonderful boxes! Take a watch and comment to let us know what you think. 

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