A day in Kyoto.... Gion, and Kiyomizu Dera early May 2020, during Covid 19 crisis.

A day in Kyoto.... Gion, and Kiyomizu Dera early May 2020, during Covid 19 crisis.

As in much of the world, Japan has changed and will remain so for quite some time. As we adapt to new ways of life, we feel fortunate to be safe and healthy, and we wish the very same for you and your loved ones. Until our beautiful city is able to welcome guests again, discover Kyoto as you (as well as we) have never seen it before.

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I miss walking in Kyoto very much. I miss stopping at the Boulangerie on Teramachi for an early lunch. I miss walking to the incense shop on Shijo dori and then going across the street to Starbucks for coffee. I miss going down to breakfast at the Palace Side Hotel and then walking across the street to stroll through the Palace grounds. I miss going to the Nishijin section of town and buying indigo dyed shirts at Aizenkobo. I miss sitting on the veranda of Ryoanji and looking at the rock garden. I miss walking along the Kamo River and watching the blue herons and white cranes standing among the reeds. I miss arriving at Kinkakuji to watch it lit by the late afternoon sun. I miss …

John Borg

I loved this very short walk through Gion, Kiyiomizudera area. Would have loved more as we are a little familiar with the area from Kamo river to Yasaka Shrine, to Kiyiomizudera and it’s fun (yet a little sad) to see it so quiet. Last time we were there, it was overrun by tourists (yes, I know we were 2 of them) and many not having a clue how to act. We were supposed to go back in November, but have to postpone the trip until next year (hopefully) – we never tire of Kyoto – thank you for this!

Anne Statland

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