Hi, there! We're Bento&co. We're the leading online store specializing in bento boxes and accessories. We're based in Kyoto, Japan.

The site was opened on November 23rd, 2008 by Thomas and Erico from a tiny house in Kyoto, with the help of some friends and a stock of 30,000 yen (about $300), which fit right between the couch and the tv. Starting in French, then in English (2010), and later in Japanese (2011), our business has continued to grow.

In March 2012, we moved to our current location in the heart of Kyoto, on April 7th, 2012, where we opened our first brick-and-mortar shop.

We have grown little by little and now Bento&co employs ten people, in Kyoto and Paris. Our first packages were wrapped on our coffee table, but we have always brought more and more attention to the quality of products and service, the foundation of our work. We strive to make fabulous Japanese products available to all with quality service.

Our sites:

Bento&co | Bento&co FR | Bento&co JA | Bento&co Pro | JapanOnly

Legal Information:

BERTRAND Co . Incorporated under Japanese law since February 2010 with funds of 25 million yen. Supported by investment funds from Kyoto University and Nippon Venture Capital .

Bento&co / Bertrand Co.
Kyoto Nakagyo-Ku, Rokkaku-dori
Funayacho Higashi-Iru, Yaoya-Cho, 117, 604-8072 Japan

Tel & Fax: +81 (0) 75 708 2164