Kyoto Chef makes Gorgeous Bento Box, featuring "Yamada's Deli&Market KYOTO" and our Signature Bento Box

Kyoto Chef makes Gorgeous Bento Box, featuring "Yamada's Deli&Market KYOTO" and our Signature Bento Box

We recently had the opportunity to create a video in partnership with Yamada's Deli&Market KYOTO, a Kyoto eatery that opened in March 2021!

Started by Mr. Yamada, a chef and university instructor specializing in the culture of Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) this charming delicatessen close to Nijo Castle offers delicious assortments of both Japanese and Western dishes. 

The deli/market displays Mr. Yamada's attentiveness to details, featuring creatively presented dishes made with choice ingredients like organic veggies and local tofu, as well as quality imports sourced from Europe that are hard to find in Japan.

So, we were thrilled when Mr. Yamada agreed to prepare food for our newly redesigned "Signature Bento" for our video!

Our Signature Bento is an extra-large capacity two tier bento box that adds a perfect touch to an elegant dinner or picnic. Exclusive to Bento&co, it's a truly chic bento box and allows you to effortlessly organize your food and hors d'oeuvres, thanks to 9 small removable compartments on the bottom tier, and three removable compartments on the top tier!

It's made of glossy, high-quality BPA-free plastic and accented with a minimalist Bento&co logo on the top lid. Perfect for parties, and entertaining.

With its many compartments, this "ojyu" style box (large, multi-tiered bento usually used during New Year's in Japan)  is certainly a challenge to fill but we were blown away by Mr. Yamada's masterpiece!

We hope you enjoy viewing Mr. Yamada's process and his creations displayed in the Signature bento box, as much as we did.

P.S Follow Yamada's Deli & Market KYOTO on Instagram @yamada_deli, and if you ever have opportunity to come to Kyoto, be sure to stop by for a bite (seating available). Google Maps:

Curious about all the beautiful foods Mr. Yamada made? Check out the full description of the foods here:

Bottom tier (9 compartments)

Top row
Carrot and orange rapées salad, edible flower

Center: Pumpkin and basil omelet, mozzarella, basil leaves
Right: Salmon marinade with dill

Middle row
Prosciutto di San Daniele, endive, micro tomato
Center: Sweet black soybeans from Tamba, gold leaf
Right: Braised Roast duck, shiso (perilla) leaves, myoga (Japanese ginger), shiraga negi (julienned white leek), green yuzu peel

Bottom row
Left: Goma dofu (sesame tofu), cucumbers, salmon roe, dashi
Center: Boiled Hamo (Pike conger), squash garnish, myoga (Japanese ginger), ume (pickled plum)
Right: Simmered kabocha squash shiraae (tofu dressing), goji berries, chervil, shiso blossoms
Upper Tier
Upper left compartment with Mukimono (decorative carved garnishes)
Kouhaku Tazuna Auspicious red/orange and white twisted reigns garnish made from daikon and carrot
Konoha Tree leaf garnish made from pumpkin
Kikou Tortoiseshell garnish made from potato
Tsuru Crane garnish made from potato
Ume Plum blossom garnish made from carrot
Temari Fu decorative wheat gluten inspired by temari balls, traditional Japanese folk craft.

Upper right compartment
Yu-An Yaki (marinated) salmon
Dashimaki Tamago (Japanese rolled omelet)
Swimmered sweet potatoes with Lemon
Dashi-simmered green soybeans

Bottom compartment
Bamboo leaves
Tazuna sushi (in the shape of reigns) with tuna, cucumber, gold leaf, bigfin reef squid, prawn
Temari sushi (in the shape of traditional temari balls) with sea bream, salmon, prawns, gold leaf, squid.
Radish garnish
Nanten Leaf (Heavenly Bamboo leaf)
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