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S&B Yuzu Koshou I Chili & Yuzu Paste

Yuzu Sauce
  • S&B Yuzu Koshou I Chili & Yuzu Paste
  • S&B Yuzu Koshou I Chili & Yuzu Paste
  • S&B Yuzu Koshou I Chili & Yuzu Paste
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Looking for a new condiment for your meals? Yuzu Koshou is the perfect paste for chili and Yuzu lovers(*^▽^*)

Product Description  

Originating in Kyushu prefecture, Yuzu kosho is made from chili, salt and the amazing Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu, creating a delicious paste perfect to give sting to your meals.  In Japanese cuisine originally Yuzu kosho is used to spice stews and hot pots popular in the winter season - but its also great with grilled chicken, sashimi and udon noodles - try it on anything you want  (o^∀^o)

With the fresh scent of citrus, green pepper this exciting spicy paste will become one of your favorites. 


  • Net: 40 g (1.4oz)
  • Size: 14 cm (1.9inch)
  • Ingredients: Yuzu, green pepper, salt, sorbitol, cellulose, alcohol, perfume, thickener (xanthan), gardenia dye
  • Use Before: 2016/10/25

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