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Yamato Modern Squares Oval Bento Box

SKU 51280

Feel closer to ancient Japan with the Yamato Series!  The look and feel of traditional Japanese wood lacquerware in remarkable detail, with the convenience of durable BPA-free plastic.

Product Description

Want a bento that looks and feels traditional, but doesn’t have to be hand washed and carefully looked after to preserve the condition? As beautiful as traditional wooden boxes are, they do require maintenance!

Yet this bento has the traditional wooden look with none of the inconvenience! The Yamato Modern Squares Oval Bento Box is a large, two compartment bento box featuring a sleek black interior and exterior. The lid of the bento features a few scattered colored and chequered squares, a nod to modern Japanese minimalist aesthetics.

With a capacity of 900mL, this bento is perfect for a big lunch lunch! The upper compartment has a flexible, leak-resistant inner lid for safe transportation. A black elastic bento band is included to hold everything together. To complete the package is a black pouch with white rope-like handles, so that you can easily carry your bento with you on your adventures!

Product Details

Dimensions: 17 x 9.4 x 9cm

Capacity: upper tier 450mL, lower tier 450mL, total capacity 900mL

Materials: ABS, cotton (pouch)

NOT Dishwasher and Microwave Safe; gentle hand wash only

Made in Japan