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Yamaco Soy Sauce Dish Set

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SKU 898183
Welcome new products from the esteemed Japanese maker, Yamaco! These innovative items are often found in high end restaurants around Japan, and now we are bringing them to your doorstep.

Product Description

When do you eat sushi, do you have a dedicated container, or just splash on soy sauce from the little plastic fish that comes with the sushi? Get rid of the plastic, and enter a new world of elegance with this simple minimalist soy sauce dish collection!

Made out of beautiful white ceramic, Yamaco Soy Sauce Dish Set features four circular soy sauce dishes. Each has a small indented shape in the center of the dish, with the four shapes being Mt Fuji, an owl, a fish, and a cat with a matching cute paw print.  Once you pour soy sauce into the dish, it overflows from the intent and into the dish, rendering the sauce inside the indent slightly darker and creating a gradient color contrast. You are sure to love these delicate little dishes!

Product Details

Dimensions: 8.2 x 1.8cm
Materials: ceramic
NOT Dishwasher or Microwave Safe! Gentle hand wash only!
Made in Japan