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Woodgrain Chopsticks Set 21cm | Black

Woodgrain Chopsticks Set 21cm | Black

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A stained woodgrain paired with the convenience of modern materials.

Product Description

The Woodgrain Chopsticks Set 21cm | Black includes a pair of lacquered natural wood chopsticks housed inside a sliding BPA-free plastic case. The case lid is decorated with an ebony stained woodgrain design.

The perfect match to our Black Woodgrain Bento Boxes.

Product Details & Care

Length: 20.5 cm
Dimensions of case:  22.5 x 2.5 x 1.4 cm
Materials: Case- ABS (BPA-free plastic) / Chopsticks- natural wood
NOT Dishwasher safe
Made in Ishikawa, Japan
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