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Wooden Sushi Oke

Wooden Sushi Oke

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Have a sushi party at home with the Wooden Sushi Oke! A Sushi Oke, otherwise known as a handai or hangiri, is a traditional wooden container used when preparing and serving rice, particularly vinegared sushi. 

What we love about it:

  • Absorbs excess moisture keeping the rice from getting mushy or dry
  • Gives a pleasant wood aroma to the rice
  • Comes with two bamboo paddles to serve rice!

How to make sushi rice:

    1. Cook rice (short-grain Japanese rice)
    2. Transfer cooked rice to the sushi oke.
    3. Mix with sushi vinegar
    4. Use the completed rice to make sushi rolls with our sushi roller, temaki sushi (handrolls), or chirashi zushi!


    • Capacity: 700 grams of cooked rice (Two rice cooker cups (gō 合) of rice). Roughly 3-4 servings. 
    • Dimensions: Diameter 22cm, Height 7cm
    • Material: Oke: Wood, plastic (hoops), Rice Paddle: bamboo
    • Care: Do not microwave. Handwash only. Leave to dry after wiping but avoid direct sunlight. Please do not leave water inside for long periods of time.
    • Made in China
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