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Veggie Cup (Small) - Purple

Veggie Cup (Small) - Purple
  • Veggie Cup (Small) - Purple
  • Veggie Cup (Small) - Purple
  • Veggie Cup (Small) - Purple
  • Veggie Cup (Small) - Purple
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Veggie Cups are a cute set of silicone cups shaped as lettuce leaves are. These are the smaller varieties compared to these.


The silicone used for the Veggie Cups is durable, flexible, and heat-resistant — this means that you can safely use them in the microwave or dishwasher without any problems.

Each Veggie cup set consists of 3 to 4 cups to hold your snacks, sauces, vegetables, or side dishes. They are versatile and allow you to freely organize your meals. 

Details & Care

Materials: Polyethylene 

Leaves (3 pieces) - 7.2×6.4×3.6cm

You can heat up a bento box with these without worrying, and with proper care, they should last for years. 

Made in Japan

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