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Aka Mini Box

japanese lacquer box
  • Aka Mini Box
  • Aka Mini Box
  • Aka Mini Box
  • Aka Mini Box
  • Aka Mini Box
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Small, delicate and beautiful - this box is really a delight to see and hold. Clad in a elegant pattern of wild waves and rabbits it transcends bento accessory into decoration. This two layered box is perfect for holding small side dishes during a nice meal, be it ginger slices or olives. It is also great for storage of finer things - why not your jewelry?   

Product Description 

Reminiscing of a stormy ocean with strong waves and bright foam, this box really represents the Japanese perception of waves.  
On top of the lid is the depiction of a big wave (Nami) with the moon overlooking together with a pair of jumping Rabbits (Usagi)! 
With this box you get the chance to truly enjoy a piece of Japanese tradition and art. 

With a capacity of 160 ml we wouldn't recommend this for a full meal, rather matching sides. 

When designing this box great attention to details have been given, on the inside you'll find a stark contrast to the red outside a calm black tone. This decorative box consists of two layers and one lid, display it as you like - its just a stunning piece! 

Product Details 

  • Capacity: 160ml, 80ml on each layer
  • Dimensions: 64 x 64 x 64 mm
  • Hand-washing
  • Made from ABS Plastics 
  • Made in Japan

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