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Twelve Chopsticks

Twelve Chopsticks
  • Twelve Chopsticks
  • Twelve Chopsticks
  • Twelve Chopsticks
  • Twelve Chopsticks
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(Almost) Everybody know how to use chopsticks nowadays: they are indeed very convenient for most lunch and especially outdoor time, so make sure to get a great pair of them like the Twelve series!

Let me introduce you ...

Our Twelve bento series, a selection of compact and practical Japanese bento goods that you will love to use and carry at Midi ('twelve' in french) break lunch time. They may not be our showiest item but their sleek, simple yet modern is very well-though and has definitively something classy in it.

These regular Twelve chopsticks comes with their transparent case which goes along well with their deep colors. They feel very sturdy  and has a little plus you will soon love: a nifty piece of silicon to hold your chopsticks at lunch and prevent them from rattling otherwise. Because details matter! (^^)/


Dimensions (Case) : 20.4 x 3.2 x 1.4 cm (8"x1.3"x0.5")
Dimensions (Chopsticks) :  19.5 cm (7.7")
Materials : ABS and AS Plastics, Silicon (100% BPA-Free)

The chopsticks are dish-washer safe but make sure to remove the case before.

Made in Japan.

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