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Tsubame Rice Bowl Orange Flecks

SKU 1126631

The Tsubame (燕; swallow) Series features the swallow on white backgrounds. The traditional image takes center position, without overwhelming the background, and provides a focal point for the dish. Start your day with traditional Japanese good luck omens!

Product Description

It is said that if swallows build a nest under the eaves of a farmhouse during spring, the family will be blessed for the remainder of the year. These tiny and gentle swallows can be seen all around Japan, both in the cities and countryside, having fully adapted to modern Japanese life (*•ө•*)

Tsubame Rice Bowl Orange Flecks has the swallow as a center motif, flying high on the white background. The inside of the bowl is a deep, glossy orange, providing the perfect contrast to the snowy white background, which is also speckled with orange, gold and brown flecks. Use this bowl for a traditional donburi (丼), rice topped with delicious toppings such as fried pork katsu, or why not make your favorite instant ramen?

Product Details

Dimensions: 16.9 x 9cm

Capacity: 1, 120mL

Materials: PET.A

Made in Japan

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe!