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Triple Pan Pancake

triple pan pancake
  • Triple Pan Pancake
  • Triple Pan Pancake
  • Triple Pan Pancake
  • Triple Pan Pancake
  • Triple Pan Pancake
  • Triple Pan Pancake
  • Triple Pan Pancake
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Making Pancakes and Frying Bacon at the same time? (´∀`)♡ What is this, breakfast heaven? No! It's the triple pan pancake! 

With this amazing pan, you will be able to cook all your breakfast foods at once, be it bacon, sausages or hash browns while at the same time fry up two nice pancakes. A breakfast lovers must! (You can use  this smart pan to cook up Bento meals too (´∀`)♡ ) 

Product Description 

Japanese design at its best, what could be better than a perfect breakfast pan? This sturdy aliminum pan comes divided into 3 smart compartments. The two smaller round shaped pans for pancakes in the front are perfectly sized with a diameter of 9cm - great for tasty hotcakes! 

The larger pan is 20,5 x 9 cm, giving you space to cook up nearly anything you want to enjoy with your pancakes! 

This pan is also suitable for the opposite, the larger compartment can be used to make Tamagoyaki and the smaller ones for sides. Of course this pan can be used to cook up anything you want to, thanks to the smart design you can cook up 3 different dishes for you Bento at once ~!

Product Details

  • Smart Design with 3 compartments 
  • Dimensions of Pan: 393 x 210 x 53 mm 
  • Made from Cast Aluminium 
  • Suitable for electric, induction, vitroceramic and gas hobs.
  • Made in Japan


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