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Totoro Bento Backpack

SKU 378997
Bring Totoro with you anywhere you go with the Totoro Bento Backpack!

Product Description

Embossed with Blue and White Totoros on an orange background and navy blue straps, this bag will bring energy and brightness to your day! Sunshines and clovers add that extra little bit of charm!

The inside of the Totoro Bento Backpack is insulated, so you can safely bring your bento box to lunch! There is also a small pocket at the front of the bag, and two small ones on each side of the bag, perfect for storing your phone or house keys (or maybe an extra snack!). For extra convenience, there is a name tag inside the bag, so that even if you lose it you can rest easy!

Product Details

Dimensions: 27 x 33 x 13cm
Materials: surface, straps, shoulder belt (polyester); lining (poly vinyl chloride resin); inner materials (polyester, cotton); catch (polypropylene);
Made in China

Product Care
  • NOT washing machine or dryer safe; Not waterproof.
  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth as necessary