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Tetsubin Oval Kettle | Rearing Dragon

We are very pleased to welcome handmade artisan teapots and kettles from the new maker ‘Shoendo’. Enjoy the best of Japanese traditional craft right here with Bento&co.

Product Description

Tetsubin Iron Kettles have been traditionally produced in Japan for hundreds of years. Originally, they were crafted to be used in formal Japanese Tea Ceremonies, yet now they can also be used in the home and in everyday life.
The Tetsubin Oval Kettle | Rearing Dragon features a dragon weaving around the kettle, it’s mouth forming the silvery spout. With a large handle, you can easily lift and handle this kettle. Due to the iron properties, if maintained properly, this kettle can be used for generations. They are sturdy, hard to break, and keep the contents warm for a long time. With no other chemicals used in the kettle, rest assured that this product is good for both your health, and the environment.
These special kettles are handmade by artisans who have perfected their craft, and excel at creating exceptional quality products. Tetsubin Iron Kettles have special features; they mellow and sweeten the taste of harsh green teas, give a deeper taste and flavor profile, and the iron content of the kettle gives the drinker extra health benefits (proper levels of iron helps fight anemia, improves mental performance, reduces fatigue, and more!). Put simply, water boiled in Tetsubin Iron Kettles is different to that of an average kettle, and will make you appreciate even plain water! Due to their versatility, you can use these special kettles to not only make tea, but boiled water, coffee, soup, or anything you like.

Product Details

Materials: Iron
NOT Dishwasher or Microwave Safe.
Dimensions: 14×11×12㎝
Capacity: 0.3L
Made in Japan
Gentle hand wash in lukewarm water, dry with a soft cloth straight away to avoid rusting. Allow the kettle to cool naturally before washing.
DO NOT use in the oven. Recommended for gas stovetop use only. Not compatible with induction kitchens.
Use only on low to medium heat. Do not use on full heat.
Use Instructions:
1. Place the kettle on an unlit stovetop. Put lukewarm water into the kettle, turn on the stove (low to medium heat only), and allow the water to warm up.
2. Once the water has warmed up, pour out the preheating water.
3. Add the desired quantity of water, and heat up to your required temperature (do not use on full heat to preserve the quality of the kettle). At this point, tea leaves and other ingredients can be added.
4. Once you have enjoyed your tea, allow the kettle to cool naturally before washing.