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Tempura Iron Deep Fryer 20cm

tempura fryer
  • Tempura Iron Deep Fryer 20cm
  • Tempura Iron Deep Fryer 20cm
  • Tempura Iron Deep Fryer 20cm
  • Tempura Iron Deep Fryer 20cm
  • Tempura Iron Deep Fryer 20cm
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Nothing can beat the great taste of some Japanese Tempura right? Crispy, fresh and steaming hot - just thinking of it makes me hungry! 

Making Tempura at home is quite difficult, especially perfecting the temperature and frying, but with this great deep fryer you will be able to make perfect deep fried food in no time! 

Product Description 

This is a high quality dedicated deep fryer saucepan, simply fill it up with oil, put it on your stove and get cooking. With a diameter of 20cm you have plenty of space to fill it up and make the freshest deep fried food around. 

The entire sauce pan has a nice feel too it and you can tell that this is top quality iron when you feel it in your hands. The included Thermometer enables you to always know exactly what temperature your oil is at, with is ease too! 

With a great Deep Fryer like this one you can cook up some truly great Japanese meals, just think of all the tasty Tempura you can make... 

If you need inspiration in making tempura we recommend Cooking With Dog! Always good recipes for cooking tasty dishes! 

Maybe you could try making this dish with your frier! 

Product Details

  • Fun & Easy Deep Frying ( ᐛ )و!
  • Capacity: 2400 ml
  • Recommended Dosage of Oil: 900 to 1300 ml. 
  • Dimensions: 29.3 × 21 × 11.5cm, depth 8cm.
  • Materials: Body & Handle, Iron with silicon treatment. Guard Frame, Iron. 
  • Suitable for: Most stoves! Gas stoves, Cartridge Stoves, Electric stoves, including Induction Stoves. 
  • Hand-washing.
  • Made in Japan

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