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Tamo Bento

SKU 853018

Are you looking for a minimalistic and unique box that lets its fine material take center stage? Tamo Bento is one of our top craftsmanship wooden boxes. They're made out of a rare wood called Tamo and are lacquered inside to give a elegant touch.

Product Description

The craftsmen behind Tamo Bento boxes belong to a company that echos back 1500 years. Through all these years, handed down from master to apprentice, they have developed a wood expertise few can match- the fruit of that labour is this prestigious Bento box.

The surface of the box has a smooth, natural texture. As a dramatic contrast the inside is lacquered in a deep red color.

This high quality box can be used to keep your precious items as well. Beware of scratching the fragile lacquer (if scratched, it’s not suitable as a food container)

Two models available:

  • Large, a single compartiment. Very elegant. Large Size . 620ml.
    Size: W227×D89 × H 52 (mm)
  • Small, two small compartments, compact and easy to carry. Medium size. 450ml.
    Size: W167×D89 × H 94 (mm)

Details and Care

Made from Tamo, a piece of solid wood.

  • Hand wash in lukewarm water. Do not use dishwasher detergent unless absolutely necessary. Use a gentle sponge, nothing abrasive.
  • Do not leave immersed in water.
  • After washing, wipe off any excess water with a soft cloth, then leave the box open to dry completely.
  • Not microwave-safe

Made by Matsuya, in Sabae, Fukui prefecture, Japan