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Tamagoyaki Pan Sanjo Iron Chitose 9.5x15cm

Tamagoyaki Pan Sanjo Iron Chitose 9.5x15cm

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Made in Japan in the city of Sanjo, well-known for metal handiwork. This beautiful little pan is part of the "Chitose" cookware series, whose name comes from the Japanese characters for "thousand years". When treated with care, this pan will truly last for years, and become a beloved member of your kitchen arsenal.
Petite size makes it ideal for one-person tamagoyaki. See here for larger version.

What we love about it:

  • Compatible with gas, electric, vitroceramic and induction stoves.
  • As iron becomes more non-stick as you use it, it'll become increasingly easier to use.
  • The slightly deeper body prevents food from spilling out.

Details and Care:

  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 15 cm (without the wooden handle). The size is ideal for small tamagoyaki omelettes.
  • Pan thickness is 1.6 mm (0.06")
  • Material: Iron with silicone coating
  • Do not use with sharp cooking utensils as they may scratch the surface of the pan. Do not scrub with steel wool etc.
  • Dry thoroughly after each use to prevent rusting.
  • Note: The pan is coated in a ultrathin silicone coating to prevent rusting before use. As you cook with the pan, the silicone coating will naturally wear off. Please rest assured that the silicone is food-safe and is completely safe to consume.
  • The handle is natural wood.
  • Handwash only with a soft sponge. Do not use in dishwasher, microwave, or oven.

IMPORTANT! Before Using:

  • Wash the pan with dishsoap and a soft sponge and dry.
  • Then, heat the pan on the stove, add some oil, and stir fry vegetable scraps on high heat, using the vegetables to help coat the pan with oil. (The tannins in the vegetables help create a nonstick coating on the surface of the pan). Turn off heat, throw away vegetable scraps and wipe surface of the pan with a paper towel.  The pan is now ready for use!
  • After each use, hand wash with a soft sponge or plant-based scrub brush. Soap is not needed. Dry completely and coat with oil before storing.

How to Prevent Sticking 

  • Heat the pan on high heat ( right before it starts to smoke)
  • Add a generous amount of oil to evenly coat the pan
  • Add eggs
  • Reduce heat to low-medium to cook
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