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Tamagoyaki Double Marble Pan

tamagoyaki, omelet
  • Tamagoyaki Double Marble Pan
  • Tamagoyaki Double Marble Pan
  • Tamagoyaki Double Marble Pan
  • Tamagoyaki Double Marble Pan
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Need that perfect pan to prepare a Tamagoyaki, japanese omelet, for your Bento? Wahei Freiz have got you covered with this amazing new pan! (*^◇^)_旦

Product Description 

What makes this pan stand out and really makes it so great is the double coating that Wahei Freiz has developed - it gives the pan superior cooking abilities, perfect for frying your omelet without it sticking or being burned - try it and you'll be amazed!∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Some other great features with the Double Marble Pan:

  • Any cooking utensil is OK! No need to worry about using metal or plastic ones! ( ᐛ )و 
  • Tested to keep its superior coating quality for more than
    20 000 uses! ( ᐛ )و
  • Light and easy to handle due to lightweight aluminium construction ! ( ᐛ )و

Product Details

  • Dimensions of pan: 14 x 19 cm (cooking surface)
  • Made of Die-Casted light weight aluminium 
  • Hand wash carefully with sponge and detergent 
  • Please Beware This Pan is ONLY for Gas Stows, not Induction or Heat 
  • Made in Korea

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