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A premium collection from Bento&co unlike any before, we’ve handpicked a selection of gorgeous Japanese antique tableware from Kyoto that will allow you to experience the beauty of traditional Japan in your own home. Whether displayed in your house, or, as we would recommend, enjoyed in your daily life, these one-of-a-kind treasures will transport you to a Japan of long ago.

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Taisho-Era (1920) Picnic Bento Set

Taisho-Era (1920) Picnic Bento Set

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This style of picnic bento boxes called Nou-bento ("field bento"), was used by the high-society in Japan beginning in the Edo period, and was essential on outings in the spring when admiring the cherry blossoms and the autumn, when the Japanese maple leaves turn vermilion.
A work of art, this Taisho-era all-in-one box features a slide lid that opens to reveal everything needed for a light picnic — two sliding compartments containing five small lacquered plates, and an ochoko sake cup (meant to be shared). Below is a space for one tokkuri (sake flask) and three stacking containers to fill with some nibbles to enjoy while sipping sake. Flask features handpainted scene of a woman in a kimono carrying fire-wood on her head. Includes a triangular block used as a chopstick rest.
Box features cut-out pattern of houjyu, a magical jewel often pictured with dragons said to grant the wishes of the owner.

Details & Care:

  • Date: 1920 (inner lacquer plates 1900)
  • As this is an antique item (about 100 years old), there are some signs of wear but otherwise in amazing condition.
  • Handmade in Japan.
  • Final Sale (not eligible for returns or exchanges)
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Bento&co is officially licensed by Kyoto prefecture to sell antiques. License number: 611242230009

A piece of living history

Selected by one of Kyoto's top antique dealers
Ships Free from Kyoto, Japan (Tracked and Insured)
Guaranteed one-of-a-kind antique.

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