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Chirashi Zushi Gomoku Seasoning | S

Chirashi Zushi Gomoku Seasoning | S
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This furikake is just the perfect thing to make delicious sushi-flavored rice! By Sushitaro

Product Description

This product gives your rice the delicious sushi-rice flavor with its mix of vinegar. It goes great in a bento or you can even just eat it by itself! This particular one is "gomoku chirashi" meaning 5-ingredient mix: shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, kanpyo (Japanese dried calabash), carrots, and lotus roots.

Here's how to use it:

  • Take 150 grams of warm rice
  • Open the furikake packet and pour it in the rice
  • Mix until evenly distributed

Product Details

  • 2 servings (2 packs for 1)
  • Ingredients: sugar, rice vinegar, lotus root, carrot, dried calabash, table salt, soy suace, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushroom, corn syrup, mirin, kelp extract, bonito powder, seasoning
  • Made in Japan

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