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Studio Ghibli Collection Cards

SKU 81956

We were craving for it and finally here it is! You can now get one of these Ghibli's original Collection Cards which is inspired by the magical worlds of Miyazaki's greatest works!
You'll love it as much as we do ! (^^) 


Fans of Japan all share at least one thing: an unlimited love for Hayao Miyazaki animated creations. They are so amazing, cute, deep and breathtaking that these movies transcended generations and culture and has a far wider reach than Japan - We all know the classics!

So Ghibli has returned to its roots with these brand new sets of playing cards, featuring the characters of its most famous animations of all time.

Studio Ghibli Collection Cards are standard decks, 54 playing cards including 2 jokers. Choose your favorite movie in the pulldown menu.

  • My Neighbor Totoro: The most beloved Japanese character, ever. The scene and artwork on Jokers will remind you great memories of a true anime chef d'oeuvre.
  • Spirited Away: Do you remember how Chihiro magic adventures were so fantastic ? These classic cards will remind you of the puzzling atmosphere and story (don't get scared by the No-face in the back of them!).
  • Kiki's Delivery Service: You like Kiki and her cat Jiji. We don't blame you, so do we ! We'd love to fly on the witch's broom with them too.
  • Princess Mononoke: These cards are full of emotional scenes from the unforgettable ecologic odyssey of Ashitaka.

Come with a plastic hard case. 54 illustrated cards.

Bonus 1: There are 2 blank cards included in each set to create and add your own characters. Funny!

Bonus 2: Try to line the cards up from Ace to King and Spade to Curbs; the movie's scenario is playing again in front of you! 

Made in Japan.