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Soramame Hashi Oki Chopsticks Rest

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Where should you put your chopsticks when you are not using them? On an elegant Soramame Hashi Oki of course! ( ) 

Have you noticed how nice restaurants always come with these simple little elegant rests? Well now you can have that too, with every meal. It seems like a small thing, but having a chopstick rest really elevates the presentation and creates for beautiful set-ups. 

Product Description 

These chopstick rests have taken inspiration from an quintessential Japanese vegetable - the Soramame, or Broad Bean in english ( ). The design is really elegant and clean, feeling in it your hands it has a great feeling and both texture and finish is really nice. 

Coming in two traditional Japanese color ways, black and red, pick your favorite or get both ( ᐛ )و!  

Product Details 

  • Two Great Colours to choose from, Black or Red
  • Size: 50 x 53 x 13mm
  • Made from PF Plastics
  • Made in Japan