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Usagi Slim One Tier Bento Box Black

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This bento features a famous traditional Japanese motif, the rabbit (ウサギ, usagi) on a lacquer-like background!

Product Description

These slim bentos are covered with a deep shining lacquer-like material that glistens under the light. The central motif is a white rabbit outlined by gold, and surrounded with sakura (cherry blossoms) petals floating gently in the breeze. With the sides gently rounded, this bento is easy to hold and use.

The Usagi Slim One Tier Bento Box Black is a great storage method for people loving a hearty lunch! With a total capacity of 650mL, you surely won’t go hungry! A pair of chopsticks also comes with this bento; no more forgetting your cutlery anymore! With an inner leak-resistant lid and elastic bento band included, rest assured that your bento is equipped to handle the journey to the lunchroom!

Product Details

Dimensions: 18 x 9 x 7cm

Chopsticks Length: 16.5cm

Capacity: 650mL

Materials: PET.A, chopsticks (AS)

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

Made in Japan