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Simple Kimono Bento Bundle | Murasaki Long

Kickstart your bento journey with these easy to use bento bundles! Everything you need to have a delicious lunch right here, with beautiful Japanese kimono inspired patterns.

Product Description

This simple bundle contains a bento box and chopsticks featuring modern kimono inspired motifs. The kimono bento bundle line features a deep purple background color, inspired by the Japanese monarchy royal color, along with traditional kimono textiles. 
Kimono Long Bento | Murasaki
This stunning bento box is a Bento&co exclusive bento box, with a comfortable 510ml capacity spread out over two tiers. Beautiful pink flowers bloom across the purple background, reflecting modern kimono patterns.
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Kimono Chopsticks Set | Murasaki
These wooden 18 centimeter chopsticks are presented in a beautiful kimono themed case. An essential and aesthetic part of your bento lunch, enjoy a taste of traditional Japan everyday! 
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