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Balan Lettuce & Leaf

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  • Balan Lettuce & Leaf
  • Balan Lettuce & Leaf
  • Balan Lettuce & Leaf
  • Balan Lettuce & Leaf
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This separator or baran is a small piece of plastic film or other material that are used in a bento box to keep certain foods separate from each other, to prop up wobbly foods, or just to add a splash of color. You may be familiar with baran already as 'sushi grass' in takeout sushi boxes. 

Product Description 

Separator Lettuce & Leaf consists of 5 leaf-shaped separators made of durable, flexible, microwave and dishwasher safe silicone. You can heat up a bento box with these separators in it without worry, and with care they should last you for years. They add a touch of fresh green to your bento, with no worry about wilting! 

Product Details 

Included are 2 lettuce-leaf shaped separators, plus 3 darker green herb-leaf shaped separator. The largest separator is about about 11 cm x 10 cm (4.3" x 3.9") and the smallest one is about 6 cm x 5 cm (2.4" x 2") in size. 

Made in Japan.


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