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Sensu Sakura Square Bento Box Small | Black

SKU 57250
Small, delicate and beautiful - this box is really a delight to see and hold. This two layered box is perfect for holding small side dishes during a nice meal, be it ginger slices or olives. It is also great as a decorative accessory for storing finer things, such as jewelry or small gifts.

Product Description

During spring time in Japan, beautiful cherry blossoms bloom across the entire country, turning everything a shade of pink- but only for one week! Seeing the blossoms bloom and fade quickly reminds you to treasure every moment!
With the Sensu Sakura Square Bento Box Small | Black you get the chance to truly enjoy a piece of Japanese tradition and art. With two traditional Japanese motifs, falling sakura (cherry blossom) petals and elegant sensu (folding fans), reflecting against the refined midnight black background, it transcends the role of a simple bento, and opens up infinite possibilities.
This bento has beautiful rounded sides that provide a unique aesthetic, and the two tiers enable you to store or display your favorite small items. With a capacity of 160 ml we wouldn't recommend this for a full meal, rather matching sides.

Product Details

Capacity: top tier 80mL, bottom tier 80mL, total capacity 160ml
Material: ABS
NOT Dishwasher or Microwave Safe
Made in Japan