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Sakura Negoro Bento Box Red

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Negoro (根来) lacquerware were produced in Japan during the medieval period. Wooden shapes were assembled from the strong Keyaki tree (Japanese Zelkova) and painted with several coats of base lacquer, then three coats of black lacquer. Finally, one coat of red cinnabar lacquer was applied with a special technique that allowed the finished result to show the movement of the maker’s hand. The lacquerware shows a beautiful red luster that over time naturally fades to reveal the black layers underneath, creating an ever changing beautiful color. The naturally worn red and black lacquered layers make the lacquerware valuable as well as beautiful.

Product Description

This beautiful two tier bento box was modeled on the famous Negoro lacquerware techniques, with the lid being a bright red and black fused color. Three sakura blossoms positioned in the corner of the lid provide a gentle tone to the stunning red background.

The Sakura Negro Bento Box Red is two tiers, perfect for an average lunch! Why not store your main meal in the bottom tier, with a salad or some snacks in the top? The options are endless~ Transport your beautiful new lunch box to work with ease using the included bento band and inner leak resistant lid!

Product Details

Dimensions: 13.3 x 7.8 x 7cm

Capacity: upper tier 200mL, lower tier 240mL, total capacity 440mL

Materials: PET.A

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

Made in Japan