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Sakura Ko Pot

Not Microwave-safe
Keep Cold
Keep Warm
japanese thermo pot
  • Sakura Ko Pot
  • Sakura Ko Pot
  • Sakura Ko Pot
  • Sakura Ko Pot
  • Sakura Ko Pot
  • Sakura Ko Pot
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Looking for that Japanese styled thermos to bring all your soups and stews?
We have the perfect one ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡ - Sakura Ko pot

Product Description 

Reminiscing of the Japanese spring this pot will make you think of beautiful sakura flowers with each use. Elegant black is combined with either a red or a white sakura print similar to that found on traditional kimonos.
A stylish pot that really stands out with its clean design.

Use it for soups, stews or hot drinks. Combine it with a bento box and create an entire feast!
Sakura Ko Pot works just as well to keep things cold, want to bring deserts or fruits along? This pot will keep them fresh throughout the day o(^◇^)o. 

Like the sakura print? Check out our entire Sakura Ko collection (/^▽^)/! 

The pot is isothermal and can due to ingenious design including a combination of metallic inner, silicon lining and plastic outer keep temperatures over 50 C for up to 6 hours

Details and Care

  • Dimensions : 12 cm x 7 cm 
  • Capacity : 250 ml
  • Material : Inox, polypropylene and silicon, BPA Free.
  • Caution: Allow for one centimetre between the brink of pot and the filled content to ensure no leakage. Not Microwave safe! 
  • Isothermal 
  • Made in China, colour and screen print in Japan. 

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