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Rilakkuma Egg Mold

cute egg mold, japan
  • Rilakkuma Egg Mold
  • Rilakkuma Egg Mold
  • Rilakkuma Egg Mold
  • Rilakkuma Egg Mold
  • Rilakkuma Egg Mold
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If like us you are bored of the usual round eggs, you should try one of these: our egg molds Rilakkuma will litteraly let you shape your eggs in super kawaii characters. It's fast and so much fun!

Be an Egghead too and try it

These 2 molds can be used to shape Rilakkuma's head from your hard boiled eggs. Yes, you read it right!

Place a warm hardboiled egg on one side of the mold, then firmly close the other side over it. Put the mold in cold water and leave for 10 minutes. When you open up the mold your egg will have been morphed into a cute teddy bear head (well not a real one so you can still eat it).


These molds are designed for standard egg size (sorry to our Australian friends who won't be able to use it with your ostrich ones). It is made of BPA-Free polypropylene and you can wash it in the dish-washer.

Made in Japan.

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