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Komemon Lacquer Rectangle Bento Box | Red

SKU 30106

When we think of a bento, the first thing that comes to mind is rice. After all, rice is the heart of any bento! The brand new Komemon Lacquer Rectangle Bento Box features an ear of rice as a motif in the center of the box's lid, showcasing a beautiful overlapping leaf pattern on a stunning lacquer surface. 

Product Description:

This beautiful single tier bento comes in a fiery red color. The lid is embossed with a raised design of a rice grain edged with a small husk. The interior of the grain is filled with beautiful overlapping leaf pattern.

This one tier bento comes with an outer elastic band to keep the bento securely closed, ensuring a smooth journey to the workplace.

Product Details:

Dimensions: 161 x 115 x 62 mm (approx. 870 ml)
Material: PET.A
Made in Japan

Product Care:

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.