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Replacement lids

Replacement lids
  • Replacement lids
  • Replacement lids
  • Replacement lids
  • Replacement lids
  • Replacement lids
  • Replacement lids
  • Replacement lids
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Need an inner cover for your bento box? Yes, some bento box covers are not microwave safe, and you are not alone in having put your precious plastic lid in the microwave! So, we stocked up on a few for those that have realised this the hard way...

Product Description

Bento&co has several inner lids for boxes from the manufacturer Hakoya.

1) Square Bento  for square boxes like Fresco (discontinued), Ojyu Bento and Love Rose Bento
2) Long Bento for long boxes like Kimono Pink Long and Kimono Murasaki Long.
3) Kokeshi Bento Big lower lid for our lovely boxes of the same name.
17) Kokeshi Bento Big upper lid for our lovely boxes of the same name.
4) Fukuro Bento cover for one of our most popular boxes, Fukuro Bento.
5) Nonbiri Bento, an inner cover with two small hooks, for the chopstick box of the same name. 
6) Nishijin Bento, a large cover that fits the large boxes, such as our Nishijin Bento Lunch
7) Nokorimono Bento fits the boxes Naseba Naru and Yamato.
8) Pic-Nic Bento fits the Kimono Picnic Pink & Murasaki.
9) Onigiri Bento, an internal cover for our onigiri bento boxes, Onigiri Bento Usagi  or Onigiri Bento Kimono.
10) Nami Bento: the cover for our Nami Bento or similar boxes.
11) Onigiri Bento: the cover for our Onigiri Box or Panda Onigiri Box
12) Matryoshka Bento: the cover for the Matryoshka and Animal Doll Bento
13) WanWan Bento : the lid for the WanWan Bento boxes.
14) Nuri Ajiro 1000 ml: the lid for Nuri Ajiro boxes and Cooking with Dog Large Bento Box
15) Hako Ben : the inner lid for the smaller container of the Hako Ben boxes.
16) Gel Cool: the inner silicon lid that divides the layers and the gel cool lid, suitable both for the single and double boxes in the series. 
17) Nuri Ajiro 700 ml: the lid for Nuri Ajiro boxes 700ml and Cooking with Dog Medium Bento Box
17) Itadakimasu Bento: the inner lid for Itadakimasu Bento 
18) Yamanaka Sakura: the inner lid for Yamanaka Sakura
19) Nuri Wappa: the inner lid for Nuri Wappa boxes. 
20) LARGE: the inner lid for the Cooking With Dog L size box, Nuri Ajiro Boxes or Kimono Large Box.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a different cover.

Product Details

Made in Japan. Made of Polyethylene. Do not put in the microwave (but we probably don't have to say that again here, do we?!) (^-^)


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