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Premium Furikake Subscription Gift

Premium Furikake Subscription Gift

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Give the gift of flavor with our Premium Furikake Subscription Gift!

Every month, the lucky recipient will receive a tasty assortment of furikake all made here in Japan including 1 of the all-time bestselling Kyo Rayu Furikake (retail value $15 USD) and 1 Limited Edition furikake plus 3 other delicious furikake that are updated regularly! Choose from a 3 or 6 month subscription. Paid up front so it's easy-peasy!

This Month's EXCLUSIVE Flavor

December's featured flavor is Kaori Furikake, made from green shiso leaf which has a bright, deliciously herb-y flavor and is Yukari-chan's sibing! This furikake allows you to conveniently add the beguiling, tasty flavor of shiso leaf to your cooking. Besides rice, especially good with Japanese-style spaghetti, soups, ochazuke, tempura, salad, natto, and chilled tofu.

To make shiso rice: Mix 3-4 g (about 2 tsp) into 1 cup of cooked warm rice.
Salted green perilla, salt, sugar, maltose, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), starch.

Other flavors: Piritto Umai Furikake | Chili PepperFurikake Omusubi Yama | Goma Kombu, Nishiki Kai Goma Furikake | Yuzu

Also includes a small serving of a classic Japanese chocolate: Apollo, a Mt. Fuji shaped strawberry and milk chocolate confection!

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