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Pompompurin Wooden Chopsticks

SKU 404443
Jump into the world of cute Sanrio characters with the adorable Pompompurin! The boyish, good-natured retriever looks like his favorite dessert, caramel pudding (purin in Japanese)! He is famous for wearing a brown beret! His hobbies include collecting shoes (especially his owners shoes), eating cream caramel pudding that his mother makes, and ‘purin aerobics’!

Product Description

The Pompompurin Wooden Chopsticks showcase the adorable retriever that has become one of Japan’s most beloved mascots! The cut out space at the top of the chopsticks shows Pompompurin eating his favorite snack, caramel pudding (purin in Japanese)! Sketches of acorns and jars of honey weave their way down the chopsticks, along with the handwritten logo Pompompurin!
By carrying these chopsticks with you, whether with a bento box or to pull out at your favorite ramen shop instead of using a pair of disposable chopsticks, you are doing a tiny bit towards preserving the environment. You'll be making a design statement too!

Product Details

Chopsticks length: 22.5cm
Materials: natural wood
Made in China

Product Care

NOT Dishwasher or Microwave Safe! Gentle hand wash only!