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Pocket Cool

gel ice packs
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Pocket Cool are 9 gel ice packs to keep your salad, fruits and foods fresh !  

Product Description 

You can put one of those 9 Pocket Cool either on your bento's lid, or in an isothermal bag or even in your backpack if it's boiling hot !
How does it work ? Just put your Pocket Cool in the freezer the night before. The gel-like substance will then transform to ice and keep your bento cool for about 4 hours (at room temperature, about 25°C)
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Product Details 

Dimensions : 11,5 cm lenght (4,5") x 7,5 cm width (2,9") and about 0,3 to 0,5 cm (0,11" to 0,15") thick . Be careful, don't make any hole in it, otherwise you could not use it anymore. Keep away from children.

Made in Japan.


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