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Onigiri Wrap: Traffic & Sushi

cute japanese onigiri wrap
  • Onigiri Wrap: Traffic & Sushi
  • Onigiri Wrap: Traffic & Sushi
  • Onigiri Wrap: Traffic & Sushi
  • Onigiri Wrap: Traffic & Sushi
  • Onigiri Wrap: Traffic & Sushi
  • Onigiri Wrap: Traffic & Sushi
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The quintessential Japanese snack, The Onigiri has never looked better than with these super cute wraps (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Product Description

Playful Onigiri Wrap are thin plastic wraps designed to enclose your Onigiris for easy transportation and freshness. Instead of ordinary boring wraps these are covered in super kawaii prints making your snack a fun break (*≧□≦).

Choose between two designs, Cute Sushi looking back at you or Cute Traffic with little cars driving over your Onigiri. Inside of each design you'll find two different prints, 15 sheets of each style, 30 in total. Each pack also comes with matching stickers to keep your wraps nice and tight. 

How to use it 

To wrap your onigiri, follow the instructions and arrows printed on the outer plastic layer : 
 - first, place the nori (seaweed) sheet between the two layers (this is to keep the nori separated from the onigiri until the moment it is opened ensuring that the nori stays crisp and fresh).
- flip the sheet over for the instructions to face down and put the onigiri toward the top edge of the nori sheet.
- fold the bottom half of the sheet over the top half. Then fold the upper left edge of the wrapper sheet down over the left edge of the rice ball, and fold the bottom left edge of the wrapper back on top of it. And apply the sticker to close it (included).

and voilà, you have a perfectly packed onigiri in your hands ! 

Follow our instructions below for easy wrapping (>ω< )!

To open it follow the 3 steps : grib the plastic between your thumb and forefinger, pull down, up. And pull both edges to take off the plastic  !

Product Details 

Dimensions : 14 x 24 cm (5.5" x 9.4") for a 7 to 8 cm long onigiri (2.7" x 3")
Precaution : Safe temperature range : 70 to -30°C

Made in Japan. 


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