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Usagi Koban Bowl Bento Red

SKU 52632

A traditionally crafted Japanese bento lunch bowl with a unique shape! 

Koban shape bento boxes are designed and named after koban (小判), an ancient oval gold coin used in the Edo Period in Japan. These rare coins are now being sold for over $5,000 USD a piece!

Product Description

These unique peach shaped bowls are covered with a deep shining red lacquer-like material that glistens under the light. The central motif is a white rabbit outlined by gold, and surrounded with sakura (cherry blossoms) petals floating gently in the breeze. With the round sides gently indented to form a peach-like shape, the traditional motifs and colors combine elegantly with the modern shape.

The Usagi Koban Bowl Bento Red is a great storage method for people loving a variety of small dishes for lunch! The larger 280mL lower compartment can store rice or main meal, with the smaller upper 200mL compartment holding your sides or snacks~ With an inner leak-resistant lid and elastic bento band included, rest assured that your bento is equipped to handle the journey to the lunch room!

Product Details

Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 8cm

Capacity: upper 200mL, lower 280mL, total 480mL

Materials: Silicone seal, PET.A

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe!

Made in Japan