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Pastel Lunch Box | Gray

SKU 30193
Carry your lunch pot everywhere you go~~

Product Description

The unique Pastel Lunch Box | Gray is ideal for lunch on the move! Inside the upper part of the main body sits a small dish, idea for a salad or some fruits, with the main meal below. A leak-resistant lid sits atop the small dish, and the entire bento is covered by a lid that locks into place. The domed shaped top lid also features a sturdy handle, perfect for carrying your new bento everywhere! On the side of the bento is a small strap which you can use to affix your matching cutlery set! This bento is truly the epitaph of convenience!

Product Details

Dimensions: 12.3x12.9x11cm
Capacity: total capacity 600ml, upper tier 300ml, lower tier 300ml
Materials: ABS, PE,  PET.A
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
Made in Japan