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japanese grater
  • Oroshigane
  • Oroshigane
  • Oroshigane
  • Oroshigane
  • Oroshigane
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Oroshigane (say "oroshi-ga-neh"), is a japanese grater that has to be in every japanese cooking lovers' kitchen. 

Traditionally used for daikon (japanese radish) or wasabi, Oroshigane is also perfect for ginger or garlic that you may use everyday in your meals. 

The grater is not perforated like cheese grater, so the grated material can be turn into a very fine paste very easily. Move the vegetable in over the face of the grater, using a circular motion.

2 types of Oroshigane are available on Bento&co :

-Stainless. This is the modern version that you can put in a dishwasher. 10 cm long (3.9"). For beginners. $10.90 (7,80€)

-Copper and nickel. The traditional one, smaller, 7,5cm long (2.9"). Not dishwasher safe, brush the surface, rince and dry the grater. For purists. $21 (15€)

Made in Japan. 


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