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Onigirazu Case

Onigirazu Case
  • Onigirazu Case
  • Onigirazu Case
  • Onigirazu Case
  • Onigirazu Case
  • Onigirazu Case
  • Onigirazu Case
  • Onigirazu Case
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Have you ever struggle so much to shape an Onigiri that you were about to get crazy? Don't give up on home-made japanese specialities and get this Onigirazu Case asap: a wonderful tool for your bento!

Product Description

Onigirazu Case is a cute pink accessory set which include the mandatory tools to shape and transport this booming trend from Japan.

Onigirazu are sort of sandwiches made of rice, a sheet of nori and any ingredients to your liking. Modern or traditional, it's up to you! It's so easy and quick to make, even a kid can do it - they will actually love them!

Here is how you make a great onigirazu

1. Cut a sheet of nori that match the case size and place it on the top of it.

2. Put the mold on the right part, and use the press to mold and remove your rice. Now repeat the same on the left.

3. Add thin slices of your favorite ingredients (ham, omelet, vegetable..etc) on.

4.  Close the case: this will let you pack everything tight for transport.

Product Details

Dimensions (Case) : 12 x 10.5 x 3 cm (4.7" x 4.1" x 1.2")
the right size to mold standard onigirazu (about 8 cm)
Weight : 100 g
Material : Polypropylene 

Micro-wave safe (make sure to leave the case open first). Hand-washing is recommended. Keep out of kids reach.

Made in China.

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