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Omusubi Box

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Omusubi Box (say "o-moo-soo-bi") are two cute cases to put your onigiri, which probably have been made with one of our Onigiri Push !

Product Description 

Compact and easy to carry, they can also contain your kids' snack or any side dish for your bento.  

The boxes come with an removable divider so that you can sort out apples from pears (or rice balls !).

Two boxes are available : the yellow one where little onigiri go hand in hand and a green one with cute pandas. Please choose your favorite from the pulldown menu. 

Product Details 

They are 14cm long (5.5"), 7,5cm width (2.9") and 6,5 cm high (2.6"). Weigh is 105g.

Made in Japan. ABS plastic, BPA free. Inner divider in polypropylene. 

Not microwave or diswasher safe.