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Ojyu Two Tier Picnic Box Large | Red (22.5cm)

SKU 54276
The Ojyu Collection features a stylish variety of products, all featuring painted motifs reminiscent of Hydrangeas that bloom in Japan each spring.

Product Description

The Ojyu Two Tier Picnic Box Large | Red is a square shaped two tier picnic bento which showcases a dramatic flower pattern with a purposefully weathered look. Stunning white and black hydrangeas bloom softly against the vibrant red background. More than just a bento box, it’s a beautiful keepsake to own and display.  The compartments are made of plastic (BPA-free), but the finish is worthy of that of a lacquered wood: all the decorations are applied by hand by a craftsman in Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan.
This two tier picnic bento box has a huge total capacity of 4000mL, ideal for a picnic outing with your loved ones! The top tier also contains four separate small dishes that divide the tier into four sections, ideal for packing your favorite dishes, side dishes, dessert and more in the spacious separated tiers. Two inner leak resistant lids help to ensure that your bento contents stay put!

Product Details

Dimensions: 22.5 x 22.5 x 11.6cm
Capacity: total capacity 4000ml (2000ml x 2 compartments)
Materials: ABS
NOT Microwave or Dishwasher safe; gentle hand wash only!
Made in Japan