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Ojyu Furoshiki Large | Black

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The Ojyu Collection features a stylish variety of products, all featuring painted motifs reminiscent of Hydrangeas that bloom in Japan each spring.

Product Description

The Ojyu Furoshiki Large | Black is a traditional bento wrapping cloth that showcases a dramatic flower pattern with a purposefully weathered look. Stunning white and red hydrangeas bloom softly against the vibrant black background. More than just a wrapping cloth, it’s a beautiful keepsake to own and display. Why not consider getting a matching Ojyu Bento Box so that you can go to lunch in style? ^^

The fabric has a texture that is consistent with traditional woven Japanese cloth. Each furoshiki can be tied in a multitude of ways- use it to form a bag to carry your bento in, a shopping bag, gift wrapping, and more! For the perfect eco-friendly, reusable product, go for Furoshiki!

How to wrap a bento box in a furoshiki:
Place the bento box in the middle of the furoshiki. If the box is square in shape, place it on the diagonal, so the sides are facing the corners of the cloth. Bring two opposite corners of the cloth over the box and tie securely. Then, bring the other two corners over the cloth, and tie again. You can also find instructions online for wrapping different objects in creative ways, such as how to wrap a wine bottle to make a handle for bringing wine to parties. See this page for more furoshiki wrapping and tying ideas.

Product Details

80 cm x 80 cm
Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan

It is machine-washable (Use the gentle cycle and lukewarm water. Recommended maximum water temperature is 40 degrees C / 104 degrees F).