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Obebe Bamboo Chopsticks | Red

SKU 11919

Chopsticks, a Bento Box best friend here dressed in a Beautiful kimono makes for a great and elegant way to enjoy your meals, so cute! 

The maker of these chopsticks, Miyabitake are experts at making cookware and Bento equipment from Bamboo - a great, beautiful material that is decisively Japanese. 

Bamboofiy your meals too! 

Product Description

The Red Obebe Bamboo Chopsticks are just too adorable, dressed in a traditional Kimono with typical Japanese patterns they look like little dolls. The chopsticks in side the Kimonos are 23 cm long and made from Japanese Bamboo.  

The best part about this Kimono is that it folds out and becomes a Furoshiki cloth- use it as a nice way to present your box upon or a delightful handkerchief. Once you're done, simply fold it back together and dress your chopsticks again!

In this series we have two colors to chose from, a soft red and a calm blue. Both use traditional Japanese patterns in the most elegant way. Each kimono is unique and the patterns depicted vary from a model to another. For instance, the Blue one could have owl pattern, or origami pattern or abstract checkered pattern. The Red one could have a flowery pattern or a cats pattern. Please refer to the pictures :-)

These chopsticks embody Japanese aesthetics well, simple, light and just stunningly beautiful - we think you'll love them!

Product Details 

  • Length: 23 cm
  • Furoshiki Kimono: 33.5 x 18 cm
  • Hand-washing
  • Made from food-grade treated Bamboo and cotton
  • Made in Japan