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Nishijin Bento Set

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Nishijin Bento set
  • Nishijin Bento Set
  • Nishijin Bento Set
  • Nishijin Bento Set
  • Nishijin Bento Set
  • Nishijin Bento Set
  • Nishijin Bento Set
  • Nishijin Bento Set
  • Nishijin Bento Set
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Get the best out of this beautiful, unique, and traditional Japanese bento box — the Nishijin Bento — a complete lunch box to suit all your needs.

In this Set 

We bring you three items for a superb, classic bento set. The Nishijin Bento is a large, stylish lunchbox with two internal compartments, allowing you to pack your food the way that you want. Its charming design comes in two different versions, Pink or Murasaki (Purple).

The Nishijin Bento Set includes:

The Nishijin Bento box

One of our largest Japanese traditional bento boxes, with a capacity of 950 ml, it also comes with a red lunch band. The cute Sakura flowers on the lid are inspired by classical kimonos.

The Matching Nishijin Chopsticks

18 cm Wood chopsticks with a lovely case. The colors and design matches the set's main theme. Chopsticks are the best way to eat an authentic Japanese bento.

The Kimono Bag L
When we were thinking about providing this wonderful set, we realized that there was no complementary bag large enough to carry the Nishijin. So we decided to create our own original product that is only available at Bento&Co, and absolutely perfect for the Nishijin bento box.


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