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Neko Chibi Onigiri Set

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If you love cats and want to make a cat-theme 'kawaii bento,' then this is the must-have rice mold and nori cutter set for you!

Product Description 

Cat lovers, Make your own Neko Chibi Onigiri!

With the Neko Chibi Onigiri Set you have all you will ever need to shape funny Japanese rice balls like cats (neko in Japanese), with almost endless variations! Let your creativity run wild- there is no limit to what you can create!

This kit includes molds and a dried seaweed cutter (nori punch) and is very simple to use. Only a few minutes is required to make cute onigiri rice balls to add a unique Japanese kawaii touch to your daily bento. 


  1. Place the front of the orange mold into the mold handle.
  2. Wet your hands and fill the mold with rice: this will be the basis for your onigiri. We recommend using a classic, sticky Japanese rice for an easier process. 
  3. Use the metal punch to cut out all the details for your cats: eyes, paws, ears, whiskers, mouth and tail! (This punch was designed for sheets of dried seaweed, but feel free to use a piece of lettuce or any other thin produce to create these details)
  4. Place the details onto your cat rice ball with a toothpick or Decoration Tweezers
  5. Marvel at your adorable creation (and maybe take a few pictures)!

Product Details & Care

  • This set includes of a three-piece mold and a metal stamp cutter 
  • Size of finished Onigiri Cats: 5.5 x 3.5 cm
  • Materials: Polypropylene (Mold), ABS Plastic (Punch)
  • This product is not microwave safe nor dishwasher safe. Hand washing after each use is recommended.
  • Made in China. Designed in Japan.